The Motivation Alliance®
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Effective The Motivation Alliance® is a uniquely effective way to improve your life: we focus on building health, fitness, diet and stress management skills.
Learn More This two minute "animate" video explains the essentials of The Motivation Alliance®!
Fun and Meaningful
Fun and Meaningful Getting fit and healthy can be hard: keeping track of your progress and reaching your goals should not be.
Private and Secure
Private You control your personal data: we provide the highly secure environment you can trust.
Comprehensive The Motivation Alliance® is not just about fitness or diet: we take a multi-dimensional view of your life's journey.
Community Centered
Community Centered The Motivation Alliance® is a community: we allow you to create a network of social support for encouragement and inspiration along the way.

The LiveLifeWell mission statement is:

To improve the health and well-being of Cone Health employees and their families through education, programs and a culture that supports positive lifestyle choices.



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